Technical details


This website is hosted by NetRegistry  (www.netregistry.com.au), a Sydney based company.

It was designed and is maintained using  Net Objects Fusion, a program that requires no knowledge of the programming language HTML.
It was originally designed with Net Object Fusion Version 7. We then upgraded to Version 8, then Version 9 and  it is now maintained with Version 12.

For information about this program, go to the Net Object Fusion website (www.netobjects.com)  or   click on the Net Object Fusion  logo on the left lower corner of each page.
The NOF website offers a free download of “Net Objects Fusion Essentials”, a program that has all the basics of the latest version. It is similar to version 7.5 and is an ideal program for anyone who wishes to design their own website. You can also download  an excellent “Getting Started” document which is a step by step tutorial on designing a complete professional website using most of the features of Net Objects Fusion. .


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