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Sic bo is a dice game that uses up to 3 dice and is a very popular game in Asia, but it has also gained a lot of momentum in the Western world. Due to its simple rules and the fact that it is a relatively simple dice game, more and more players are interested in it, both in land-based and online casinos. Sure, some pages may have small variations from the actual game, but in general the rules remain the same. For starters, Sic Bo may seem like a scary game. The Sic Bo table may seem confusing and complicated, but the truth is that it is a simple game of chance that has a learning curve that is not as steep as it is for video poker or blackjack.

The game is mainly based on how all three dice are rolled and a player’s main goal is to correctly predict the outcome of a particular roll of the dice. A player can place multiple bets on different amounts at a Sic Bo table. In addition, the game is further simplified, as specific winnings and bets on a particular roll of the dice are indicated by illuminated parts of the Sic Bo table. This eliminates the need to remember different odds and payouts.

Payments in Sic Bo are based on the odds associated with a particular bet. In general, the harder the odds, the higher the payouts. A player wins a game if the result of the roll of the dice matches the player’s bet. The payout ranges from 1: 1 to 150: 1 for both small and large bets. It is easy to learn the rules of the game. Your main goal is to bet on the possible outcome of a particular roll of the dice. Start with your bet by choosing the size of the chip and placing the chosen chips in the relevant area of ​​the table that corresponds to the chosen betting option.

Once the bet on a particular roll of the dice is complete, the dealer shakes the cage where the 3 dice are placed. All three dice can roll until it stops completely. Areas in the Sic Bo table that light up correspond to winning bets. Sic Bo, as a bet, has no winning strategy to speak of. The only thing to keep in mind when playing Sic Bo is to choose the bets that have the best odds.

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